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Life has thrown another curve

So I interviewed with the DA’s office of my favorite city… and it didn’t go so well. I pretty much wrote it off. Yesterday I received the standard “thanks but no thanks” email from them… with a twist. The email said that while they didn’t have space for me in the summer program, they would like to offer me a position in the fall or the spring. At first I laffed, loudly. Because how in the hell could i work in that city and live and go to school in DC. But, as I got to thinking about it, it is actually very possible. So do I do it? I mean this is what i’ve wanted right? As much time as possible in SF? But the fear and the insecurities are creeping in. Who do you think you are? You can’t do that. You’re not the type to just pick up and leave. What about the family? What about the godkids? I need to do some serious soul searching sooner rather than later.

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