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On: Being Black

Ok, so this isn’t gonna be a “deep” blog.
When i was little, I went to school in Georgetown. Our school was pretty diverse but mostly white. So, in a lot of ways I grew up “white”. From the way I talked to the music i listened to… to the peroxide i put in my hair… to the mousse that i tried to use for my bangs… white white white.

Now i will say that i thoroughly enjoyed growing up. I was exposed to all types of things so I don’t regret it. My issue, however, is with my rhythm… or lack of rhythm.

To be fair, i believe it may be a hereditary condition. My dad doesn’t have rhythm and neither does my niece. It’s who we are. But it became rather apparent to me last night at the Stones Throw show. There are certain rappers, in my opinion, that make a career out of rhyming slightly off beat… at least i think they are… maybe i just don’t hear the best right. At any rate, Madlib is one of those ppl… at least i think he is… it may just be me. Anyway, at various points of the night i would just be offbeat. It made me sad… frustrated and even confused. I dunno why i can’t find the beat, but i often find that not being able to do so leads to being told that I’m not “black”

Now I know that a lot of stuff like that is said in jest and I’m cool with it. But there is definitely the notion that true black folks have rhythm… and well I don’t. It can be shameful. Back when i used to go to the club like 4 times a week i would be very careful when i danced for fear that i’d get off beat at some point.

Despite my lack of rhythm, i enjoyed last night’s show. Madlib, Percee P, Guilty Simpson, MED, and Peanut Butter Wolf all ripped it. I’m really working to get back into music these days. I’ve been away from it for awhile and I hate that finding music has become such a labor intensive process now, but I want to get back to it so I’ll be making an effort.

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