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My love of hip hop

So, I love music. Specifically I love hip hop. It’s been a rough relationship because sometimes hip hop sucks. But there’s a lot of good stuff out there and despite the fact that i’ve been hating a lot of music lately, every now and then i’ll give something a chance and be pleasantly surprised.

This weekend was kinda like that. Little Brother came to XM to do a takeover show which was positively hilarious… and terribly embarrassing at the same time (you’ll see). I had planned to go to the show in DC but of course i procrastinated and it sold out. The show in Baltimore was Sunday night and I kinda went back and forth before finally deciding to go. Good choice. I’ve always been a kinda on the fence with Little Brother. I never doubted the talent of Phonte and Pooh but I kinda wavered on their beats because I felt that the 9th Wonder sound was a bit repetitive… but that’s irrelevant here.

This blog is about Evidence (of Dialated Peoples). I guess you could say that I’m a casual Dialated fan. Got a couple of cds but never really went out of my way to catch a show. I knew Evidence had a solo album. I even heard a few tracks from it that I thought were dope… but there is something about a live performance that can bring an album and an artist to life. I think that it’s safe to say that I am a bonafide Evidence fan at this point. Check out “The Weatherman LP” if you get a chance and definitely don’t sleep on the chance to see him in concert. His energy is amazing and his ability to connect with the crowd is unmatched. It seemed as if he was enjoying the performance as much as we were. I will definitely check out his show the next chance I get.

One Response to “My love of hip hop”

  1. as well am a casual Dilated fan, but “The Weatherman LP” is one of the top albums of 2007 in my honest opinion. I don’t have XM Radio so unfortunately I can’t hear, or couldn’t hear, the LB takeover. Buit I don’t doubt the sheer hilarity that probably ensued.

    Anyways, just checking in.

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