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And so it begins

I have a new batch of stuff to start planning. Mainly how to quit my job and survive. That’s pretty scary to me since I’m pretty bad at saving money. I have very little saved and that’s going to be the key to making it. I think that the key is going to be putting the money where i can’t get to it. I also need to move and reduce my expenses. The problem is that I don’t konw if I’m going to be able to move. I’m fixing my credit by paying a bunch of stuff off and closing accounts, unfortunately that’s making my credit tank temporarily. I tell myself that it’ll pay off when i’m done but… still makes it hard to do other things.

At any rate, I’m all set to start this new hase in life. I’m nervous… very very nervous about the idea of being out west for 9 weeks pretty much on my own, but i know i can handle it. 2008 is gonna be one for the books.

2 Responses to “And so it begins”

  1. “very very nervous about the idea of being out west for 9 weeks pretty much on my own”

    on your own??? i know of at least 4 people (including myself) who got your back out here… but i get what you are saying… don’t trip. just think positive. everything will work out and it will be a great adventure 🙂

  2. putting the money where you can’t get to it = sending it to me to hold.

    You know my address, son.

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