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How mittens lost her gangsta

May 30, 2007

It’s a good thing… i mean kinda. I’m soft now. Well i’ve always been soft, but it’s blatant these days… skirts, makeup, heels… it’s all there. It’s not all the time, but it’s creeping in. Part of it is the heat, the other part is just a general increased comfort with letting my guard down […]

It’s a Lazy Afternoon

May 26, 2007

… if i was a cat i’d purr. I had a lovely afternoon topped off with some cuddling and a nice nap on the sofa. I’m smiling

Sometimes I do some pretty dumb $#!+

May 25, 2007

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture?Now i have to decide whether I should pay the $110 to replace it or act like the crack doesn’t bother me. Breaking my toys makes me sad

And another one…

May 24, 2007

B+ *dances* I’m just waiting on one more grade. I realized last night that my GPA is never gonna look good on paper. It’ll look decent and i’ll definitely have a B average of some sort… but i’ll never be an A- student. Which i’m actually ok with. Lately I’ve been doing research on some […]


May 21, 2007

Sometimes I get my hopes up. I make things into way more than they need be… I envision how things will play out and conjure fairy tale endings to go along with it. Rarely do things go that way. I’ve never had a fairy tale ending so i’m not too sure why i’m expecting one […]