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May 21, 2007

10: The number of days until I see an old friend again. That’s like the official kickoff to my summer of greatness. After I hug her to death I plan to spend the rest of the weekend laffing like a fool and relaxing 19: The number of days until we leave for Jamaica. Man… if […]

Graduation Season

May 20, 2007

Yesterday my niece graduated from college. Saying i’m “proud” of her doesn’t even begin to express how i felt yesterday. Seeing her walk across that stage as she graduated cum laude made me reminisce on how far she’s come since she started college four years ago. Over the past four years she’s gone from the […]


May 17, 2007

I am afraid of most things. The short list includes:– failure– success– being alone– being around people– being smart– not being smart enough– responsibility– change– being stagnant I could go on but i know you get the idea. In about 2 weeks my life is going to start moving at a very rapid rate. Between […]


May 15, 2007

I have a ton of stuff i need to get rid of.On my first pass I got rid of people. I shaved approximately 70 people off my buddy lists. I collect people and I need to stop. There are a lot of folks that I talk to just because. Folks that I know don’t like […]

When "sorry" isn’t enough

May 13, 2007

Sometimes “sorry” doesn’t cut it. I mean sometimes it isn’t enough to say “I’m sorry.” The thing about “sorry” is that the person you say it to doesn’t have to accept it and even if they chose to forgive, they don’t have to forget. I’m scared that my “sorry” won’t be enough this time. Knowing […]