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Archive for January 2009

This is not what I planned

January 23, 2009

2009 was supposed to be great. It was supposed to be a continuation on the good fortune of 2008. It’s supposed to be my chance to put the pain from 2008 behind me and to move on. A time of growth. A time of celebration… but it’s not quite living up to that just yet. […]

Getting Better

January 19, 2009

Sometimes, it’s hard to be the person that I want to be. Whether it’s obstacles that come from the outside world, or those that I place on myself, I sometimes find myself seemingly stuck in one place and unable to move forward. Usually I feel like I am just generally unmotivated and quite frankly, that’s […]

Obamamania is in Full Effect

January 17, 2009

Luckily, I have been able to stay away from the madness so far. I think my luck is going to run out this evening though as I am giving serious thought to going down to U Street tonight. I’m curious to see what’s going on and to see if i can do a bit of […]


January 16, 2009

It’s cold outside. I don’t know why new years is in January…when it’s cold. The cold weather is probably single-handedly responsible for many broken resolutions. If it were warm, I’d feel like being more social, I’d want to be out working out… but it’s 19º. I should also mention i’ve been dealing with a TERRIBLE […]

Inauguration Mania

January 14, 2009

I guess I should be happy right? This inauguration is surely the first one i’ve really cared about and it’s certainly historic… but the next 6 or so days are guaranteed to be a big pain in the ass. Metro stations closed. Bridges closed. Roads closed. Not that i typically find myself going further south […]