Gangsta Mittens
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How mittens lost her gangsta

It’s a good thing… i mean kinda. I’m soft now. Well i’ve always been soft, but it’s blatant these days… skirts, makeup, heels… it’s all there. It’s not all the time, but it’s creeping in. Part of it is the heat, the other part is just a general increased comfort with letting my guard down and being vulnerable. There’s also more self confidence. I still go thru the ups and downs… but i’m human and i’m learning that even that is ok. I’m growing and it feels great.

And now… a photo that i took yesterday morning… gheyness at it’s finest.

3 Responses to “How mittens lost her gangsta”

  1. “skirts, makeup, heels…” oh my…

    gangsta mittens without her hoodies, jeans and kick… oooohhhh noooooo

    just joking… do whatever makes you feel happy.

  2. *points and laughs*

  3. oh wow..

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