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Joy and Pain

It’s like sunshine… and rain…

That sums up the weekend.

There was good food, great people, lots of laffing and even a little crying (yes, i’m the only one that cried). I think we experienced every weather condition possible… oppressive heat, cold rain… you name it, we had it. Of course there was also my persistent neck pain and a brief stint of an altered state of consciousness, but overall it was an amazing weekend.

As someone who is rarely around the majority of the folks that i call my friends, this weekend was a much needed opportunity for me to spend time with folks that i genuinely love and care about. I will admit that the whole thing made me even more emotional than usual but i honestly did my best to control my gayness.

There was also strippers, likka, and some other stuff but i’ll have to save that for another blog. I have to start getting ready for Jamaica!

One Response to “Joy and Pain”

  1. WORK THE POLE!!!!!! you gotta send me her myspace link cause i wanna see what she looked like

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