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Heading Home

In just a few hours I’ll be heading to San Francisco for a few days of vacation.  As much as I love these trips it always stirs up so much confusion for me.  90% of the time I have a “why am i still living in DC” moment.  Ever since I was younger I wanted to get away from DC.  I always found it to be depressing here.  Despite all of the opportunities and (recently) the things to do here, I still feel like i need to get out and do something different.  Now, here i am rapidly approaching 40 and just still feeling completely lost as to where I am supposed to be and what i’m supposed to be doing.   The hardest thing about being a child of older parents is the inevitable sense of obligation that I feel to stay close by  many times i have deferred my own dreams to stay close to make sure that everything is ok.  At some point i need to take that leap of faith and just go.  I’m thinking that next year might just be that time. I know i’ve said that before, but as i head “home” today, I know that i am in desperate need of a change.  I need to grow… and, for now, i think i’ve grown all i can here.

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