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The Ups and Downs of Unemployment

I suppose if there was ever a “good” time to be unemployed in DC it’s the summer of 2009. Anyone who knows me or who has taken the time to peruse this blawg is probably aware of my (former) hatred of this city. I have been trying to get out of DC since 1993… and somehow I always wound up right back where i started. Well, that all changed fairly recently. I think that either I just found my niche here, or I just started to associate myself with people that were into the same things I am. I think the “best” part of getting divorced back in 2005 was getting to reinvent myself… or rather rediscover who I was. That freedom to be myself made me aware of the types of things I actually enjoyed doing.
This summer is one of the best DC has had in a long time (which means nothing coming from me since i wasn’t here the last two summers, but whatevs). There is easily something to do every night of the week. There are new restaurants, new club/lounges, and the same events that used to make the DC summers minimally bearable.

Last night some friends and i chilled on the roofdeck of a club and talked about what was happening in DC. I think the city is getting younger… or at least it’s becoming more young person friendly. Part of that is the young professionals moving in, but another part is just that there is a new group of people that just party differently. I like the “new” scene in DC. The rooftop parties, the lounges, the bars… it’s what was missing, in my opinion. I’m not sure whether this atmosphere will continue to thrive in the winter. It will be interesting to watch how neighborhoods like H St and U St continue to change.. but most importantly, it will be nice to have shit to do…. now i just need a job so that i can afford to enjoy myself.

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