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In case you didn’t know

De La Soul
I co-host a show on Sirius XM Radio (on occasion). The show is Subsoniq (check out for more info). Normally it airs on Backspin on Tuesday evenings, but we recently did an interview with De La Soul and since we did such an amazing fucking job, they’re doing a special encore… soooooo… for all those that missed the original airing this week, the episode will air SUNDAY 8/23 at Noon EST (9am Pacific) on Sirius 39/XM 65/DirecTV 846/Dish Network 6039).

If you don’t believe me on how awesome this show is, check a couple of downloads to get an idea what to expect…

And if you somehow don’t have someway to listen to Satellite Radio, head over to to get the iphone app with a free 7-day trial. You can also listen online if you register there.


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