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Moving On

Since I decided i wanted to be an actress back in 5th grade I’ve had dreams of leaving DC. Ideally I would be discovered in a commercial and my mom and I would move to NY during the week so that I could do interviews and film. After about a year, I’d pulling in enough to move the family to LA so that I could do more work. Those were the dreams of my then 10-year old mind. Needless to say, that never really popped off… but since 1985 I’ve sworn that I would make it out of this city. To be fair, DC was a TERRIBLE place in the mid-80s. Lots of drugs and violence. In so many ways this city has changed and yet in so many ways it has remained the same.

To be clear, I love my city, and i’ll argue anyone who feels otherwise. But as someone who has seen DC go from war zone to a gentrified mess I definitely have some strong feelings… but this blog isn’t about that. This blog is about me getting out of DC… problem is, right now I don’t have anywhere to go. I’m unemployed… bored out of my mind. Now is probably the perfect time to pick up and start over, but the economy isn’t exactly on my side right now… i say “my” but really i guess i should say “our”. Not exactly like i’m making moves on my own these days. I’m applying for jobs in NY and CA, but the truth of the matter is, somewhere along the way, I fell in love with DC. Maybe it’s just the familiarity. I was never really one to hang out and kick it that much in the city, but as i’ve gotten older and explored a bit I realize that there are some gems here. As much as i hate the displacement of long-time residents by the gentrification efforts, i can’t say that i haven’t taken advantage of the new nightlife and restaurant offerings. I guess I still would like to get away from here for awhile, I think i’d have a huge regret looming over my head if i didn’t get away for a bit, but i’m not sure if now is really the time to go.
This is a big period of transition for me, and truth be told, i dont feel like i’m doing too good of a job. I feel stagnant. I feel like i should be growing, but it’s still way more comfortable to keep doing what i’ve always done all along.
I’m rambling I know so i guess I’ll try to wrap this all up with this: I want to leave DC, and i’ve been trying to for a long time, but as usual I’m afraid of change and might sacrifice that dream for the sake of sticking with what’s comfortable. bleh… it sucks when i phrase it like that. I think i’m going to stick to my random train of thought method from here on out.

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