Gangsta Mittens
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I am unemployed. I be frustrated. I am… I be…

I have been “officially” unemployed for about 4 months now. Now granted for the first three months or so i was consumed with the madness that is the bar exam but now, I have been officially looking for about a month and i am bored, and frustrated. I’m one of those people that just has to be doing something. Whether it’s working or school or studying I need to be busy. Unemployment is TORTURE. Add to that the fact that i have absolutely NO income coming in and well… that leads to frustrated mittens.

I have been trying to think outside the unemployment box. I try to avoid the sites that everyone else uses since I know those companies are sorting thru HUNDREDS of resumes everyday. I have been applying to like every single government agency known to man, but they take like a year to make a hire, so in the meantime i’m looking for someone who can hire me to start tomorrow.

I’m tryin to stay positive, but the truth of the matter is, it’s not looking good. I truly believe that things will look up, i’m just hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

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