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Something has got to give

When I quit my job back in April, i had a plan… well kind of. i mean i knew what i needed to do for the next few months, and i knew that once that was over, i would be seriously looking for full time work. I can honestly say that I did my part. Unfortunately the “wildcard” was locating a company to hire me. I think my first clue came when I started looking for jobs to apply to and just couldn’t find much. i mean there really weren’t many jobs that i was interested in. I knew i wasn’t at the point where i had to apply to every job and take the first thing I found, but I also knew i didn’t want to get to that point.
Typically a law student would do document review while they waited for their bar exam results, but even that type of work was sparse. So, here I am… 6 months since I quit, 3 months since i’ve been *really* looking… and I”m still unemployed. I have a really good lead and i’m hoping that it materializes… but lord knows, this wait is a killer.
I’m doing my best to stay positive, but lord knows it gets a little tougher everyday. Hopefully, I’ll have some good news soon.

One Response to “Something has got to give”

  1. *Sending you good job hunt vibes.*

    The wait is agonizing, but hang in there. You’ll find something soon. (And hopefully that something will be in San Francisco!) 🙂

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