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Oh Hai, Blog

So I’ve been missing in action… and i’m actually ok with that. I can honestly say I deserved it. I headed to Oakland to take the California Bar and after that, I just relaxed. Truth is, I needed time to decompress. Unfortunately I quickly went from decompression to absolute boredom. I cant remember the last time i have NOTHING to do. Like if i wasn’t working, I was in school.. or both. Those first couple days on the sofa doing nothing were great… but that shit got old really really fast. It’s not even so much the money as I just HATE being bored. I wish I could find something the I just like to do. It would be nice to not have to do the 9-5 slaving for the man thing, but I realize that at this point it is very much a necessary evil. Problem is, right now i really have no clue what the hell I want to do with my life. Needless to say this makes the job search process a lot more difficult.
At this point I’ll pretty much take whatever i can get, i’m actually not picky… just in search of a pay check. So i spend my days… and evenings, just looking for jobs and wondering what in the fuck i want to do with my life. Wish me luck…. this is a phase of my life I don’t think i’ve ever experienced before. Not really looking forward to it, but i know it’s a necessary evil.

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