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Dear Real World DC folks,

DC people aren’t rude, we just don’t want you here… well some of us don’t. And it’s totally not your fault. The truth is, there are people like you allll over this city and we tolerate them on a regular basis. The issue with you quite frankly isn’t about *you* at all. For YEARS reality shows have done everything they could to suck all that was real out and make sure that there is adequate drama involved. Many of us can count a reality show or two among our guilty pleasures. Hell i’ll admit that there was a time when i would have been dancing in the streets to have the Real World filmed in DC… but now? Not so much.
Reality shows capitalize off of finding people that fit into certain stereotypes and exploiting those stereotypes. It reinforces opinions and is redundant. It’s like seeing black people dancing in KFC commercials… it’s like ok we get it, black ppl love chicken and will dance once they have it. Same goes for the real world. There will always be a naive person, and ex-drug/alcohol addict, a promiscuous person or 3, an angry/militant/controversial black person, the gay person, the person with the relationship hanging on by a string back home, etc. Someone will be a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, and it will lead to drama, someone will get too drunk/high/hotheaded and something will go down. We get it. We’ve seen it over and over again… and yet, people still submit tapes and fight to be in this reality show… i have to wonder about the type of person that willingly goes into this knowing that they’re being chosen to portray that stereotypical person.
Add to that you’re young. Probably haven’t seen much or done much, but think you’ve got it all figured out. It’s typical for your age and i know i sure as hell thought i knew it all in my early 20s, but it’s still annoying as hell. As if all of that wasn’t enough, you are ultimately supported by a crew of enablers who make sure you get preferential treatment at the expense of those of us who live here and will continue to do so long after you’ve danced on our bars and bad mouthed our city. I type all that to say, I’m sorry that the show you’ve been chosen for is not “real” at all. I’m sorry that your opinion of DC will likely be shaped by people who have carefully constructed what your DC experience will be. I’m sorry that we can’t/won’t/don’t welcome you with open arms. I urge you to get out and see some stuff on your own. Drinking is cool, but clearly there’s more to this town than that.
When it’s all said and done, i’m positive what they will actually choose to air will be just a fraction of all you get to do here, hopefully you’ll walk away at least understanding our city and why we’re so protective of it.

2 Responses to “Dear Real World DC folks,”

  1. Hi nice, post. Reminds me why I like DC and stopped watching The Real World.

    Quick question, apropos of a blocked follow request: do we know each other? Did I by chance spill a drink on a new dress or piss you off w/an off colored joke at some random meeting somewhere? Just curious. soulcolddreamer at gmail dot com.

  2. Apologies. Not sure about the reason for the block, but after a bit of detective work, I think i have corrected it

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