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I Made It

I am (semi) officially a san francisco resident for the next ten weeks 🙂
The flight was cool… except for the landing… it was one of those landings where there’s like a blanket of clouds… and you have to fly thru those and *then* you see the ground. I’m always worried that we’ll get thru the clouds only to find the pilot has miscalculated and we’re really about to crash 😦
But… that didn’t happen and all is well. Got my keys and i’m as moved in as can be expected at this point. I’ve met one roommate so far and he is… well he’s quite fabulous. I’m debating whether I want to take a nap or go out and explore… I think i will explore since i know that I’m probably going to want dinner at some point tonight. I also think I’ve located a tv… That’d be wonderful. I’m not a big tv person, but it’s nice to have the option. At any rate, things are quickly falling into place.. which is good since i have to be to work at like 9am… or is it 930? I guess i’ll look into that…

3 Responses to “I Made It”

  1. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH! I can’t wait to hang out and act a fool.

  2. glad u made it
    but we want u back in 10 weeks

  3. Whoo Hoo!!

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