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Day 1

It was wonderful to not have to be at work until 930… but the day was long. I mean most orientation days tend to be that way… long and drawn out… or they’re like extra short and you have 7 hours to spend trying to look like you’re doing something even though no one seems to have any work for you… today was long. Tons of information on so many things that sounded interesting, and me just trying to take it all in.

The bus ride wasn’t bad at all even though i stood most of the way. I think I’m going to take the express bus tomorrow and see how that works. I also did some walking after work. I’m going to do my best to drop some lbs while i’m out here this summer. Unfortunately, I’m not really cooking while i’m here so there’ll either be a lot of skipped meals or “healthy” fast-food (can you say oxymoron?). My walk today has left my knees and ankle a bit sore so i’m going to take it easy tomorrow. It’s not easy being all broken up. I feel pretty good otherwise but i think i’ll save the pain since this is only day 1.

I loved the folks in my office. They’re all extremely passionate about what they do and it makes it that much more exciting. That’s actually what i used to love about xm. People loved that place… like it was scary how addicted folks were to their jobs. At any rate, day 1 was fun. The other interns seem like a good bunch too. I was pleasantly surprised to be honest. My first assignment seems like it’ll be cool although I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not sure whether I’ll get to delve into some of the areas i’m interested in this summer. But we’ll see.

I’m a bit homesick too… but i expected that. Maybe i’m not even homesick… kinda like BJ-sick…
did i type that? Could it get any more sappy? I just miss certain elements of home… BJ, my mom, all of the babies… I just feel like I’m missing out on a ton. By the time I get back the twins will be pretty much walking. But that’s ok. They get to grow and so do i.

I think i’m gonna do a bit of studying and call it a night. I’m exhausted.

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