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Me? Homesick?

I guess it kinda hit me today a little bit. I mean like really hit me. I’m starting to see that if i sit still too long, i’ll start to miss home. That’s not a bad thing… but it just means i have to limit how long I sit still.

Week #1 was good. I really like the interns that I work with and I’ve even picked out a few favorites. I’m proud at how outgoing I’ve managed to be but it helps that everyone is pretty friendly. The interns are all pretty brilliant and I’ll admit it’s still a bit intimidating, but i’m trying to figure it all out. My goals for the upcoming week are to learn to focus more and move more quickly thru my assignments. I realize that I’m here this summer to work and to prove myself. So that is what i’m going to do.

Not really sure what I’m getting into this weekend. There’s been talk of a baseball game but i have no confirmation on that at this point. I do know that I’m about to hop in the shower and head out to somewhere and see where the day takes me. Hopefully it’ll be somewhere fun.

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