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Time to Get Serious

So I’m rapidly approaching the end of my second week in San Francisco (i leave tomorrow night to head to DC for the weekend so this week is pretty much done). I’ve gotten fairly acquainted with the bus system and the major stuff I need to survive. What I haven’t managed to get straight on is the food situation. I have two roommates… they’re both nice enough. But one is a bit messy. I’m just not comfortable cooking in a stranger’s kitchen. My trip home will include snagging a knife, fork and spoon (do you have any clue how anal I am about eating off of foreign silverware (outside of restaurants)?). I may also invest in a cup and a mug. and by invest i mean “pack in my suitcase…

I clearly can’t keep spending money like it’s water because I really am on a limited budget and it’d be nice to have some money left at the end of the summer. Unemployment is a bitch.

So as I mentioned i’ll be home this weekend. A good friend of mine is getting married (to a guy i set her up with). I’m really excited for her. I just hate the amount of running around i’ll be doing. But she’s worth it and that’s what matters.

I’m feeling a bit tired today. I think the computer screen is hurting my eyes or something. I just can’t wait to watch tv this weekend.

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