Gangsta Mittens
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So in ONE WEEK I leave… like i bounce and I won’t be back for a minute. Well that’s not true… I leave on Friday, come back on Tuesday and leave again on Wednesday. Anticipation is turning to nervousness. What if something happens while i’m gone? I’ve got a sick dad and a pregnant best friend on this coast. I’m trying to stay positive but i’m definitely making sure I have enough money for an emergency flight home.

Speaking of my dad, he’s so damned adorable. He calls my mom “kitty” and we don’t know why… i mean we *know* why (*insert shudder here*) but it’s a recent development. I went to visit last weekend and told him about my trip out west. He asked if there was anywhere i hadn’t been yet and I told him there were plenty of places… he laffed and asked me if i’d ever be done with school. I told him i had two more years and he smiled. He’s proud of me and that feels good. It’s funny that no matter how old and “independent” i get, i still look to my parents for their approval of most of what I do. To a certain degree i shouldn’t, but when their reaction is positive, i guess it isn’t so bad.

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