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What a Beautiful Weekend

The weather this weekend was amazing. It’s almost like the weather is trying to convince me that DC isn’t as bad as i make it out to be. At any rate we got a lot accomplished this weekend. We cleaned the apt some more and even went to work on the car. I have about 3 more days in the office and then it’s time for a much deserved vacation. Yes, I will be working a few days for All Star Week but that really doesn’t count. Right now I’m trying to focus on washing clothes, cleaning up and getting ready to get outta here.

The plan is to continue blogging here and on the trip blog ( hopefully we’ll have lots of pics and interesting stories along the way.

On Saturday me, leena, kayla and bj all headed over to my parents’ house for Googie’s bday celebration. I can honestly say that Kayla stole the show. She played with everyone, laffed, smiled and had a great time. I love how outgoing she is. She’s an amazing little girl and i’m so happy for leena and dennis. I can’t wait to see what the next two babies will be like!

I didn’t know Beyonce was in the “Happily Ever After” video.

Ok, bye.

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