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Sweet Jesus! I forgot how much I love this place!

So after a rather uneventful flight, my coworkers and I landed in Oakland and drove to San Francisco yesterday. The air was crisp, the fog was rolling in and I immediately felt like i was home. As i tuned out all of the “it’s cold” nonsense, I looked out the window and enjoyed the sights/sounds of my favorite city.

For the next few days I’ll be a part of the madness that is All Star Weekend. A few of my coworkers have already done several things to give me pause, but i just remind myself that as of 6am tuesday, they aren’t my problem for the next 7 weeks.

This little business trip has me so amped for the “real” trip in a few days. For now though I’m gonna enjoy this nice ass hotel and the expensive ass food that my company will have to reimburse me for. I just wish BJ was here to enjoy it all with me. (that was ghey)

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