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I was afraid this would happen

To say i have anxiety issues is truly an understatement. There have been days when leaving the house is just too much for me. I’ve been prescribed meds for it but i’m even more afraid of becoming one of those ppl that has to take meds to get out of bed everyday for the rest of my life, so usually i just try to push past the issues or just work from home on the days that i can’t do it.

The trip this summer was different. I wasn’t that person there. I wasn’t that scared girl who couldn’t/wouldn’t leave the house. I think we went out like everyday. And on the days that we didn’t go out, it wasn’t because of my issues, it was just nothing that we wanted to do. I miss that girl.

From the moment we left San Fran it seems like things started going bad. Perhaps these are just normal things that seem catastrophic to me because i’m looking for reasons to write off DC forever. Whatever the case, I’ve gone from happy to miserable and it’s really affecting me.

A lot of folks are suggesting that I focus on getting out of here. I’m not sure if that’s the best approach… well not entirely. See i don’t think i need to focus on just getting back to California, I think I need to focus on tying up the loose ends here in DC. The last thing that i want to do is to feel like i hastily ran off from DC and that I just left because i was afraid. When I leave this place, i want it to be because i was ready and not because i was too scared to stay here.

In that vein, we’re starting to come up with a financial plan of what it will take to leave. I want to be sure that financially the pieces are in place. I was inspired by a friend this weekend to start to focus more on financial stuff. Vacations and eating out are fun but i’d like to be able to do that in the future too. Remember that fairytale about the squirrels… or was it chimpmunks? and they’d play all day, not heeding the warnings about the winter? That’s how i feel. I’m just playing like there’s no tomorrow when in reality winter gets closer and closer everyday. I need to prepare.

2 Responses to “I was afraid this would happen”

  1. I think it was a grasshopper and the ants were the hard workers or something like that 🙂

  2. You’re right. I was thinking about a cartoon version.. there were these two chipmunks or something and allll they did was play. Some old foolishness.

    thank you old wise one 😉

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