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I think I’m going to blow up my life

That should not be taken as a terrorist threat

I’m in a transitional phase in my life and I know it. I’m searching for something new and different. I want to stop spinning my wheels on things that don’t mean anything to me and start focusing on making myself happy.

I am inches away from quitting law school. It doesn’t make me happy. I know what you’re thinking: School, especially law school, is not about being happy. I can admit that, but it shouldn’t make me hate every single second of my existence. I should mention that i’m really on the fence with this and i’m not quittting until i have something specific lined up. The truth of the matter is, my prospects for law jobs are slim. I can accept that the large firm thing isn’t for me. What I’m struggling with, however, is figuring out what *is* for me.

I had another breakdown last night. Not as bad as the last two but it wasn’t good. Thankfully Brian was there to talk me down. I was trying my best to explain what i was feeling and i think i did a good job. I know that there are ppl out there in far worse positions than I am, but my issue is that I can’t compare myself to them. I have to be good because I want to be good. i can’t become complacent with the idea that someone is worse off. I don’t want to be that person who doesn’t pay the light bill in order to pay the cable and does the reverse the next month. I’m better than that. There’s nothing wrong with struggling when you’re trying to find your way, but once you find that, it’s time to get on track.

That being said, I’m looking for ways to blow up my life. I know what kind of salary i need to make in order to start paying back my student loans and so i’m looking for that dream job. There’s no pressure to it really. I can stick with XM while i hunt. At the same time i’m going to keep pushing forward with law school and law related jobs. Whatever is meant to be will reveal itself. I just know that i have to keep pushing forward until it does.

One Response to “I think I’m going to blow up my life”

  1. i know the feeling… it is never an easy situation.

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