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I thought things were going good

So the end of the semester is upon me. Cramming for finals, thinking about my bday (am I really about to be 32?), making plans for the holiday… this is usually when i get hit the hardest. Everything comes crashing down leaving me anxious and depressed. I thought I was doing good this year. I felt a bit untouchable. I figured out how to keep my job and do my externship. I figured out that even if my loan situation at school doesn’t work out, i’ll still be able to pay. Things are truly looking up.
But the anxiety is creeping in. The urge to be a recluse is slowly but surely finding it’s way back to my brain. It doesn’t help that i broke up with my therapist… and by broke up i mean i just stopped going to my appointments. She’ll be alright, she knows i don’t like confrontation :-\

I’m also becoming increasingly annoyed with just about everyone and everything. I’m tired of ppl in general. Tired of being interviewed for positions i don’t get. Tired of feeling like i’m in a rut. I know there’s a light somewehre at the end of this tunnel but it’s taking long as hell to get there.

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