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Dear People Who Don’t Speak or Understand English Very Well


I procrastinate and as a result i often mess myself up. I accept that. So my criminal trial advocacy final is tomorrow and I waited until today to try to find someone to alter the pants to my suit… yes, i know i’m an idiot.
At any rate, i get to the cleaners 2 minutes before they open… wait patiently until 730 and enter. My FIRST question “I have a pair of pants that i need altered, can i get this done by this evening?” The woman behind the counter smiled and said “yes”. EXCELLENT!
Me: Do you have somewhere that i can go to put these on so that you can mark them.
Her: Yes *smiles*
But she doesn’t move…
Me: Ok, where?
Her: Huh?
Me: Where can I put these on?
Her: Yes.
ok we have a problem. So I demonstrate puting the pants on and point to the leg and the pins on the table. She gets it! So she shows me to the back. She pins the pants and i’m ready to bounce.
She says “$13” ok.
Me: I’ll pay now because i may have someone else pick them up.
Her: Yes *smiles*
I hand her my card, she swipes it, hands me my receipt.
Her: Monday at 2pm
Me: Excuse me?
Her: Ready Monday 2pm
Me: The first question I asked you when i walked in here was could they be done today
Her: oh. No same day.
Me: …
Her: Monday?
Me: No. Put the money back on my card please
Her: No.
Me:… No?
Her: Computer has money. Monday?
Me:……………….*sigh* I need these pants by 8am tomorrow.
Her: Oh… no same day
Me: I know, please just give me a refund. Cancel the transaction. Give me my money back
Well now she’s perplexed because aparently she’s never had to operated the credit card machine in that way.
20 minutes later I walked out with the pants and $13 in cash. I then sat in traffic for an hour… it’s going to be one of those days.

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