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An open letter to Eric

Dear E:

There is no “wooooooo” for the new apartment. The water smells like sulfur… or rather it did… I mean according to the lady if i let the water run all day while I’m gone, the smell will go away. So now i am back at the old apartment, taking a shower and brushin my teeth, trying not to think about the gallons of water wasting at my new apartment.

Other than that the move went well. If you might be moving sometime in the near future… get you a dolly, son. We stacked like 83 boxes on the dolly. Heavy dresser? Dolly. Going to Ikea? Dolly. I want a dolly. I just want to be pushed everywhere on a dolly. That’s gotta be the life.

At any rate, I’m about to bounce. We’re heading to BJ’s grandmother’s 90th bday party!

Hope all is well in beautiful Oakland.

Talk to you soon,



One Response to “An open letter to Eric”

  1. okay fine… no wooooohoooo to the new apartment. That sucks that the water smells like that. but look at it this way you will soon be back in your real “home” for a while 🙂

    as for moving… yes, a dolly is a great tool and very helpful with any move.

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