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My day started off better than his…

So at about 640am I was about to head out my door to work (it’s GREAT living 10 minutes closer to work). Just as i grabbed my door i heard pounding on my next door neighbor’s door….
BAM BAM BAM… Police executing a search warrant open up!

For a split second i thought maybe someone was playing around until I realized that that was a lot of noise to be making at 640am for a joke. I look out the peephole and sure enough there’s the whole damn swat team out there with guns drawn about to run up into this apartment. I wake poor B outta a sound sleep and scare the shit outta him and then I just sit and wait… I mean do you go out into the hall when the SWAT team is next door? I decided that wasn’t a wise decision. After things quieted down over there I calmly (ha) walked out my front door only to be met by an officer with a gun who said “good morning, ma’am. Everything is ok”
I wish there was a camera for me to look into and give the “nigga please” look because clearly shit wasn’t “ok”. I mean granted I wasn’t the one having the search warrant executed at my house, but it’s still a crappy thing to wake up to.

Either way my day started off better than the guy next door so I guess I really shouldn’t complain.

One Response to “My day started off better than his…”

  1. Um… okay. Maybe I *don’t* wanna come see your new place. Kinda riffraff you done moved next to??


    *eats cucumber sandwich*
    *takes Yorkshire terrier for a walk*

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