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I Did It

And now my reward…

At about 3pm today I turned in my comment which *should* mean that I have met both the requirements for the Journal and my Upper Level Writing requirement… which *should* mean that I have 18 more credits to take before I am official law school graduate… and after this summer and taking the journal credits into consideration for next semester…. i will have 8 credit hours worth of classes… and then the Bar Exam…

But for now, I’m celebrating. Heading to San Fran in about 8hrs. I’m going to eat, drink, and be merry and hopefully come up with a place to live this summer. When I get back I’ll be turning all my attention to catching up in my classes, improving my performance at my internship and convincing my boss to grant me one last leave of absence.

In other news, the sting of not being able to drive across country has hopefully been lessened. I think I’m going to help a friend drive across the middle part of the country and wind up in one of my favorite places to give away money. Yay?

I also finally got my bridesmaid dress. Well I ordered it and I think i may have fucked myself royally on this one. I know the dress will need to be altered because it’s too long. The dress will be here by 6/2 at the latest… the wedding is 6/7. I may not even be there to pick up the dress… I will not forgive myself if I’m mess this up. So yeah… I suck.

There’s also something special that I’m going to try to do in San Francisco. It’s been a long time since i’ve done it and it’s something that I think I need to do at this point… but enough of the being cryptic. If I do it, I do it.

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  1. bungee jumping? oh lolz.

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