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The Last Day

So… this is it. Today is our last day (this time around) in San Fran. As usual we’ve had a blast. Eaten at a ton of great places, tried to spend some time in neighborhoods that we weren’t familiar with. It’s funny because at this point, when I come to San Fran it’s not about me trying to see all the touristy stuff (i *will* make it to Alcatraz one day though), it’s more about me catching up with friends and just hanging out. This place feels like home and I love that. One thing that I’ve realized though is that I have no sense of north, south, east, west here. It just struck me as odd… but I make do.

I also saw the apartment that I’ll be staying in this summer. Its beautiful! Lots of light, lots of space… just a chill spot. It just seems like everything is coming together. I don’t want to spend too much more time typing because I should be out enjoying myself. I just need to remember to come back and do a recap while everything is fresh in my head.

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