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The Recap

So… I’m back home 😦

And by home i mean DC… not my “real” home.

Once again Eric, Dom, Mariam and Vic went out of their way to make us feel special. We ate at our favorite spots and discovered a couple of new ones. We learned how great watermelon hookah could be and even got to ride a cable car.

I had an amazing time and I think I’m one step closer to making the move permanent.

And now… the photo recap:

Gas is trés expensive.. but i won’t have a car this summer so i guess it’s ok

BJ signed a couple of endorsement deals

There were tons of beautiful flowers


One more

There were cute doggies too!

Delicious Pizza

Amazing sunsets

Dom swears by the Guinness Float, but we didn’t try it

One thing that I love about SF is that it’s so colorful… between murals, graffiti and colorful buildings, the city is so vibrant and alive:

There are some things you shouldn’t do in San Fran…

Museum of the African Diaspora

We got some culture at MoMA:

Then I decided to get creative:

This sums up me and Dom’s friendship:

Me, Dom and ID at the Warriors game

I love my city

See all the pics here:

San Francisco 3/10 – 3/15

3 Responses to “The Recap”

  1. y’all need to come back… now! the summer isn’t close enough.

  2. How was the Warriors game? It looks like quite the experience on television

  3. The Warriors game was great. I like live sporting events so perhaps I’m biased but those folks have a TON of energy.

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