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And just like that…

I’m busy again.

There’s about a month left in the semester. About 10 weeks until I leave for California. And about a million things that I need to do before then.

Although I’m pretty much done with school, I need to make the most of these last few grades that I get to try to get at least a decent GPA. I bit off a little more than I could chew this semester so I have fallen behind in my schoolwork for the sake of trying to write my comment. The good news, of course, is that the comment is finished. The bad news is that everything else is starting to come at me. I’m also trying to take on more responsibility at work… well at the internship. I am almost positive that my mentor thinks that I’m slow. His assignments usually consist of editing and making grammatical corrections. Now part of that may be him giving me shit he doesn’t want to do, but I suspect that he thinks that those are “safe” assignments. Consequently, I’ve sought out other attorneys and have gotten assignments from them. These research assignments are BEYOND boring, but they’re helping me to hone my research skills which is important. I need a self esteem boost in the legal arena and I’m hoping that this will help.

In other news I spoke to my boss about my leave of absence, he tentatively gave the green light. Words cannot begin to express the relief I felt. I cannot imagine anyone else in the world that would let me have another summer to do something like this. I really do love what I do at XM and I’m praying that staying there thru the end of law school will help me to save up some money and possibly lead to a position in the new company (ifthateverhappens). With the economy the way it is, I was DREADING coming back to no job. I tend to be optimistic when it comes to the job market. I have been fortunate enough to have avoided being unintentionally unemployed for any extended period of time… but with all this talk of recessions and whatnot, I was starting to wonder if i was making the right decision. I’m happy for now, but until the paperwork is all completed, I’m only cautiously happy. This also means that i’ll need to work my ass off between now and May. Between the raise that I received and the fact that my boss goes above and beyond for me, I need to make sure I do all that I can to keep things running smoothly.

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