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I’m getting too old for this shit


Last night definitely didn’t live up to its hype. De La Soul performed at a club here in DC and well.. I dunno… I left disappointed. The night started off well-enough (kinda). After work I headed out to U St for a couple of mojitos. The drinks were decent but the bar convos were less than stellar. To my right was a black man explaining to the (white) waitress why black women aren’t worth his time. To my left was another black man who looked to be in his 40s. He was talking to his boys about the wonderful mind games he was running on his women and how smooth he was. Needless to say his boys were all high fives and chest bumps.

From there me and a friend travelled to a spot called Vapiano over at 18th and M. It was way more crowded there but i think it’s a spot i’ll visit again. We left at about 829p and went to get in line for the club.

Doors were supposed to open at 830p… 830 and 930 came and went as i waited outside the club. It was pushing 1015pm when the doors finally opened. I should take this time to point out that 1223 is not a large club. If anything it’s more of a lounge and for the most part, the club sucks. 1223 is located on Connecticut Ave, 1223 Connecticut Ave to be precise. That’s just below Dupont Circle and like just above downtown. The vibe in that place is just always off. Both times that I’ve been there (I now refuse to go back) the place has just an air of wackness. Like the idea is to have it be this “upscale” club… which is cool but arrgh I can’t put it into words. Needless to say, while standing in line the bouncer walks by doing a shoe check, my boy is told that his black nike boots (a dc staple) are a no-go. I had on these so I had to run to the car and change.

At any rate 1015 i’m in the club and my friend David offers a drink. I accept and wind up with a VERY cranberry, cranberry and vodka. The saving grace for the night was that 9th started spining almost as soon as folks walked in the door. His set was cool. Old school songs that you don’t hear too often but that make you feel good. Unfortunately, there were plenty of barely 21 yr olds in there that just didn’t get it. I overheard this one kid (who pushed his way in front of me and closer to the stage) say “i don’t even think I know any songs by De La Soul… and I really don’t know any of this stuff he’s playing.” At any rate after what feels like forever (it’s about 11:45 at this point), De La takes the stage.

Now… I have a love/hate relationship with De La performances. Ever since the first “all the beckys get on the stage” incident, it’s always been kinda hit or miss with me. I usually go to support because well.. there one of my fave groups of all times… but I tend to notice a dynamic that always bothers me a bit. Unfortunately that negativity comes from Dave who I feel is most talented of all three members. Dave seems over the whole De La thing… I mean i can understand not wanting to do Me, Myself, and I and a host of other songs that they probably hate by now… but his general demeanor is just… wack. Like throughout most of the performance I felt like we were a bother to him. Maybe we weren’t energetic enough? Maybe he was having a bad day? Perhaps, but it’s not the first time I’ve noticed it.

The other beef i have is with the song Rock Kokaine Flow. The song that appears on the album features Dave, Pos, and MF Doom. I have NEVER seen Dave do his verse… and there’s always a reason/excuse. The time I saw De La in DC at the 930 Club, Dave appeared to be under the influence of something.. that night he just said “i ain’t doin that shit”… in CA a couple years back at the Rock the Bells show, he made a similar comment… last night he said “it wouldn’t do that song justice to do it without MF Doom”… word? You performed Buddy without 80% of the lineup… a lineup that contained folks that’ve done way more than Doom did… you performed COUNTLESS songs that were performed with others… but you can’t do *this* one. Don’t get me wrong… I like Doom (the real Doom… not the fake one that was doing shows) but c’mon… just say what it really is… RKF has GOT to be a difficult song to do live… the breath control it requires has GOT to be hellish… and well… I just don’t think Dave has it in him. Perhaps I’m wrong… I’d like to be wrong… But that’s my take.

I finally got home at about 130 last night… tired… and a bit hurt. No one wants to be disappointed by a performance by artists they admire. But that’s where i was. Part of me says maybe i need to stop going to shows… But EPMD and ATCQ put on GREAT shows… I dunno maybe it was because 1223 sucks so damned much… Either way the night was decent. Definitely cool for a free show. 1223 won’t be getting any more of my money though… as to De La… I’m still up in the air on them.

Ok… now I’m pissed… I just found out that Dave *HAS* done his verse in San Fran… arrrghhh Thanks Geo… I hate you… but not really 🙂

6 Responses to “I’m getting too old for this shit”

  1. Damn man…I knew something like this may have happened. I’m such a nerd I got there early with my homegirl (about 7) since they said get there early…I asked what time the show starts, he’s like 9. Im thinking, “I thought 8:30”? The whole promoter/bouncer shit in effect. So I said fuck it, cuz I knew that I would be there waiting all night. Too bad I missed De La though. I liked the 930 show . I feel you on feeling like you getting too old for this.

  2. nice re-cap mittens…

    though you failed to big-up my infamous two-step game.

    : )

  3. I saw Dave do BOTH his verses to RKF. Neener neener neener!!!

  4. A wise man (Murs) once said “One Two Three Four I’ve Had it up to here and I can’t take it no more…….”

  5. man, sorry to hear that news about the show…thanks for sharing your blog, nice to see the photos and all that.

    i might be too old also, or just too damn lazy…one or the other


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