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Truth Hurts

Sometimes you really don’t want to know the truth. I mean we LOVE the truth when it’s in our favor… but when you find out that maybe you’re not as smart as you thought or maybe you’re not as important as you thought you were? ouch.

With just nine weeks left before i head back to san fran the butterflies are starting to flutter. I’m becoming more and more busy and yet nothing seems to be getting done. My laptop died at a pretty inopportune time. The SO is too busy to hang out with me. My drinking is just about back to where it was… and the stuff i *need* to do is steadily piling up. Add to that the frustration and bruised ego that goes along with not having a job or any prspects in the fall and well… yeah… this hasn’t been a good week/month for me.

But enough of the complaining. I suppose things could be worse. I think i’m gonna start using all this alone time to take more pics…not that i have anywhere to download them to… but whatever. i’m also at looking at picking up another activity or two at school. We’ll see.

3 Responses to “Truth Hurts”

  1. 😦

    gotta stay positive… that’s what i’ve come up with. Today was what i thought it was with the news i got last week… i kinda realized i could stay pissed and complain about it… or i could stay positive and keep my ear to the street i work toward a better tomorrow.

    easier said than done… i know.

  2. I feel you. :\

    But get a Flickr account! Upload to your heart’s content.

  3. Okay… here goes.

    If anyone I know, outside of my local circle of loved ones, can endure, achieve, overcome, and excel it’s YOU. You’ve been such a great friend, listener, supporter, and hater (j/k on the hater thing)

    If anyone can relate to the truth hurting YOU KNOW it’s me. But honestly, you’re highly intelligent, amazingly charismatic, undeniably talented, beautiful, and funny as all get out. Right now life is testing your weather-proofing, but I KNOW you’ll make it through the storm and grey skies. And when you do, you’ll be back on the good foot ready to kick up dust. (Especially since you’ll be home soon.)

    How Bout Some Hardcore?!
    Love ya Kool Mo P

    P.S. Even though they got rid of 45% of their known players, the A’s look good.

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