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I am giddy

i just registered for what will be my last fall semester EVER.
*does a little dance*

Of course, as is always the case, one of the classes i wanted is already full *insert pouty face here* but that’s ok…

I’m a little torn about what direction I want to take my last year. My grades aren’t stellar, but law school was a great experience. I’ve met some wonderful ppl and quite frankly, I had fun. I’m not going to be unemployed. I’m going to be fine. (i’m going to repeat this like everyday from now until forever)

In Debbie Downer news, I was looking at my student loan debt and expected payments… all i can do is laff at this point because well… i’m so far in debt it’s not even funny. I mean like house debt… house and car debt… my kids will be out of college before i’m finished paying off my debt debt… Part of me wishes I could move into a $900 a month apt for 2 yrs, and take one of those $150k a year jobs… and just spend 2yrs paying it all off… but 1) i would hate myself and my life and 2) i don’t have the grades for it… soooooooooooo Plan B… find a job that will repay my loans and somehow get them forgiven. But yeah… i’ll be fine… (see)

There are about 7 weeks until i head west. I admit i’m getting a little nervous but this summer will be as much about growth as it is legal opportunities. I really want to do well, but I also need to prove that I’ve grown past the person I was many moons ago.

I think that’s enough randomosity for now.

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