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What is my motivation?

I’m seriously having trouble. I don’t want to do anything… I’m not sure if i’m overwhelmed by what needs to be done… or maybe i’m just lazy. Whatever it is, I’m stuck. The end of the semester is RIGHT around the corner and i’m still sitting on my hands… doing a whole bunch of nothing. i’d like to say that it’s just a passing phase but i’m having a hard time kicking this funk that I seem to be in. Although I’m sure the constant gray skies are probably contributing to this haze, i’m glad spring hasn’t hit quite yet because spring fever is the LAST thing i need right now.

Between the activities that I managed to get myself caught up in and all the other millions of things going on, I’m just busy… problem is, I’m not getting stuff done. No time for that, really. I just need to get focused.

The title of this blog made me think about this… i used to LOVE this commercial.

One Response to “What is my motivation?”

  1. Congratulations on the move! (I’ve been trying to do the same for uh, 6 months now.) Sup WordPress. 😀

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