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I’m a mess

I just left from my grocery run to my mom’s house.  I went to say hi to my dad and it’s painfully obvious that he isn’t doing well at all.  He was telling me how bad my mom treats him.  how she keeps him doped up and doesn’t feed him.  It was painful to listen to… painful because i know it isn’t true but that he believes it.. painful because i know he says the same thing to her… painful because it has come to this.

They fell down the steps yesterday… he’s week from when he caught a cold.  She’s weak from worrying so much about him… but she’s doing all she can,. and still losing.  It’s time for him to leave that house but she can’t do it.  And we can’t make her… and i’m just lost.  I avoid going over there because i just don’t know what to do.  I think things that should never cross my mind.  I want what’s best for my family… my mom doesn’t deserve this abuse.

something has got to give.

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