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Breathe Easy

I’m finally feeling like a human being again. Getting some sleep, relaxing a bit and even managing to study for my final. *This* is a good feeling.

The past 4 days were also pretty much the stuff that dreams are made of. I had a chance to meet a producer who’s work I really respect and an all around musician and musical genius who was almost as happy to meet me as i was him.

On Saturday Nicolay and Kay of the Foundation came to XM to do an interview with Subsoniq. To my surprise FWMJ was there. The interview was amazing. I always enjoy hearing from an artist about his/her music. KB and Doc had Nicolay and Kay go thru each track and talk about the story behind the song. It gave a lot of insight not only into the music, but also into the musician and the type of person the artist is. Definitely made me even more interested in hearing more from Kay.

Yesterday, things got even more “wow-worthy”. I had been trying for some time to get the Roots on XM. I was finally able to set something up. Black Thought and ?uestlove came in and did an interview with the Subsoniq guys as well. Monday’s highlight occurred in the XM lobby as we were walking ?uest out.

It’s no secret that I rarely go too far without my “Gangsta Mittens” hoodie so Monday was no exception. I guess i didn’t have it zipped up or whatever in the interview but as we’re standing in the lobby, ?uest turns to me and asks “do you post as gangsta mittens on the boards?” (internally my mind is doing the whole “omg omg omg” thing) So i’m like “yeah that’s me…”. Then i get the “oh shit! why you ain’t say something”. Of course i’m like “well i didn’t wanna be *that* person on some ‘yo! i’m gangsta mittens….’ ” He then proceeds to essentially mush me and tell me that my ass shoulda said something. Apparently 10 yrs on that site is good for something. Needless to say i was in shock. I can’t describe the feeling of having someone that i respect and admire so much, acknowledge me in such a genuine way. Add to that the fact that Lalah Hathaway was also in the lobby (equally excited about the chance to meet ?uest). She told me she thought my hair was beautiful and i almost died.

I’m gonna stop here. This blog was REALLY hard for me to write. If you know me you know I HATE namedroppers. There is nothing worse than people who tie their selfworth to who they know and then expect you to think more highly of them because they tell you about it. To me that’s the epitome of wackness. I’m also not usually one to be starstruck (yes, Pete Rock is the exception) but for the most part, although I get excited to meet people, i’m pretty calm about it. Yesterday was just an amazing afternoon and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

Check out the pics:

Nicolay and Kay at XM 4/19/08
The Roots at XM 4/21/08

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