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I want to scream

So I finally got the official run down of what has happened so far from my mom…

First, I have a correction, he went two weeks without eating, not three. So my mother has called my dad’s physician throughout the last two weeks to express concern over the fact that all the man eats is applesauce and drinks Ensure. The doctor tells her that as long as he’s drinking ensure, he’s fine… Last night my mom called again to say she wanted someone to look at him. They again tried to brush her off. She said enough is enough and insisted… upon arrival they took one look at him and realized how sick he was.

After having several nurses question why she wouldn’t feed him they finally began giving him an IV. So far the docs have said that he has kidney failure and he was given a blood transfusion this morning because his white blood cell count is so off.

I’m pissed that the doctor brushed off my mother and her concern but i’m even more pissed that someone would ask her why she “wouldn’t” feed him… as if she was withholding food from him for some reason. My mother is an extremely dedicated caregiver and I can only imagine how crushed she was to be accused of such things.

For now my dad is in the ICU. I told my mom to just sleep. He is receiving the best care possible right now and the best thing for her to do is to just get some sleep since she doesn’t when he’s in the house. I hope they keep him for a couple of days 1) to stabilize him and build his body back up and 2) to give my mother a chance to recuperate. I’m just glad she finally stopped listening to the doctor.

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