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Slow Down…

That would be my message to Father Time right about now.  I managed to pack one suitcase last night and will be packing the other over the next several days.  I have no clue how I’m supposed to get all this stuff to the airport or how much extra money I’m going to spend on additional baggage fees.  which is all rather wack.  This whole thing with the gas prices is beyond out of control and i’m just tired of having to pay extra for shit.  Especially since even if gas prices drop tomorrow, these mofos ain’t gonna lower prices.  It now costs about $40 to fill up my tank 😦   I mean it’s a Corolla… you’re not supposed to pay $40 to fill up a Corolla.  But I guess we should’ve all seen this coming.

But ok yeah… so time is speeding past.  Part of me feels like i’m right on schedule… the other part of me is freaking out. I think i just feel like I’m going to forget something.  That would be the control freak side of me.  I don’t like to not have control over stuff.  I like to be able to have my hands on things and to fix them.  Not being in control frustrates me.   On the other hand I cannot wait to get out of DC… and once BJ gets to SF it’ll be that much better.

At any rate, I should probably go focus on the stuff i need to get done… this ipod isn’t going to update itself… although it’d be dope if it did!

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