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Static v. Dynamic

In life there appear to be two forces that work together. There are those things that are fairly static. They may change gradually over time, but for the most part these things are the constants. Additionally, there are those things that seem to change rapidly, week to week… day to day… Those things seem to change very quickly, swarming and circling around the constants without any real rhyme or reason.

I need to learn to embrace the swarm for what it is and focus more of the constant. The thing with the swarm is that it’s fast and interesting… exciting even. But the constant, that’s what matters. I have a core group of friends… folks that I can turn to for honest convos that go beyond the surface level… folks that have constantly called to ask me about my dad… folks that have helped me count down the days til I leave… folks that have lended an ear or a shoulder throughout some of the lowest points in my life… and yet somehow I still get distracted by the flashy.

This year (and for the rest of my life, I hope) i’m gonna try to focus more on the constants. Focusing my energy on the constants will hopefully bring me more positivity.

One Response to “Static v. Dynamic”

  1. that’s how i see it. the swarm can be fun, but the backbone is what matters most. 🙂

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