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Where did the time go?

So last year it seemed like the summer would NEVER get here.  The drive to San Fran seemed so far on the horizon… it just couldn’t get there fast enough… but this year?  Everything is moving at lightening speed.

In the past couple of weeks i’ve been meeting up/reuniting with friends who I know I won’t get to see for at least a couple of months.  It’s been nothing but good times.  Add to that the fact that my niece was nice enough to have her baby yesterday so that I can see Mila before I leave town… and I got a rather unexpected call from a good friend from the past.  There’s just so much going on… and I’m about to travel thousands of miles away.  Oh what I wouldn’t do for just one more week in DC.   But it ain’t gonna happen so no need to think about it.

I’m really excited about starting this internship.  I’m extremely anxious to see what I will be doing and where I will be working.  There’s also the fact that I’ll be living in my favorite city for a couple of months, hanging out with some good friends and just having an all around enjoyable summer.  Did I mention how excited I am?
They also moved my dad to a nursing home yesterday.   I plan to head over that way before I leave as well.  Everything is so strange in my family.  But I’m embracing it.  Most interestingly to me is my mom.  As awful as it may seem to say, having my dad in the hospital and now in a nursing home has been really good for her.  She’s eating, she says she’s gotten her appetite back.  She’s happier and she’s getting out more.  I guess it’s not PC to say that she’s doing better with him gone… and it sounds so messed up to say, but i don’t mean it from a selfish standpoint.  She was essentially spending her days stressed out… shut up in the house, unable to leave, verbally abused by the man she has been married to for over 50 yrs.  And even though she understood that it wasn’t really “him” saying those things to her, it still hurt.  But she’s doing better.  And she’s getting back to taking care of herself.  She sees him at least every other day and it seems like she’s handling it well.

As for me… I have about 11 weeks worth of stuff to pack up.  I prolly won’t get back to this blog until at least monday evening.

One Response to “Where did the time go?”

  1. woooooooohoooooooooooooo…. PARTY ALL SUMMER IN THE BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay… i guess we might have to work a little bit too… but just a little. 🙂

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