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I Saw My Mom Cry…

My dad was always the emotional one. My mom… a rock. She says it’s because of her childhood… she couldn’t cry because there was no time… too much needed to be done… But I saw her cry today. I don’t know what thought sparked the tears… but there were tears… and they hurt me. As much as i didn’t want my dad to feel pain, i don’t want my mom to feel any either… but she’s hurting right now… I mean we all are… but she really is… and to see that rare display of emotion gave me a little peak at just how hurt she is. Of course her tears started my oldest niece crying, which made me cry and almost made my youngest niece cry… luckily my sister’s attempt to throw a tissue provided some comic relief when the napkin landed in some grapefruit juice.

For now i’m in DC indefinitely. Funeral arrangements should be finalized early next week and i’ll have a better idea of when to expect to return to SF.

2 Responses to “I Saw My Mom Cry…”

  1. **hugs**

  2. I second E’s sentiment…

    and in conjunction will say, you already know I’m here for you.

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