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oooo and Time… (c) Boy George

I coulda sworn that just two weeks ago I was packing to go to Cali… apparently time flies when you’re having fun… or just living life in general.

I’m well into my last fall semester, the MLB post season, and i have less than a year before the BIG MOVE.  While I’m tentatively excited about it all, I can’t help but worry about what the economy will do to my job prospects.  Since I’m not in the top 10% of the class I don’t have one of the cushy jobs in a law firm paying $160k waiting on me… which is fine since I never wanted that life.  It also means, however, that I will need to be creative when it comes to my job search.  Add to that the fact that I’m not particularly interested in being a “lawyer” leads to quite a bit of a dilema for me.  That being said, I’m not particularly worried about the job search either.  Perhaps I’m being naive but I genuinely feel like things will be ok.

I’m also working to plan this wedding… er *my* wedding.  I’m not the girly girl type by a longshot.  But since this is really kind of a wedding/going away/graduation party I want to it to be something special.  I’ll feel a lot better once I have a caterer and a location locked down.  I hate the anxiety associated with wedding planning.  I’m not interested in doing anything but showing up and having fun… but, since B is anti-destination wedding, I somehow get the “pleasure” of throwing this thing together.

Other than that I got some health things going on that i’m not feeling too good about … but like everything else, I’m trying to stay positive.  Only time will tell

One Response to “oooo and Time… (c) Boy George”

  1. “wedding/going away/graduation party”… now that is one hell of a party… i can dig that.

    and…. *hugs* for everything else 🙂

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