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Frozen Yogurt

This summer, when the stress of the office got to be too much, we’d go for food.  On some days we’d go to Specialty’s for warm cookies..but other days we’d go for frozen yogurt.  When I was younger my dad would get me frozen yogurt at the Y after my swimming lessons… but i hadn’t had it in years before this summer.  But I quickly became re-addicted.  My standard was plain yogurt with fresh blueberries.  If I was feeling a little down, i’d do plain with chocolate chip.

Since I’ve been back from SF I’ve done pretty good with my withdrawal symptoms… but not with my jones for frozen yogurt.  Frozen yogurt is better than just about any frozen treat.  It’s not too sweet like ice cream and i swear it’s not too cold like ice cream tends to be.  Instead it’s a smooth, tangy goodness… but it’s also suspiciously scarce in DC.  I’ve spent a good deal of time scouring Yelp for suggestions to no avail.  On a whim I googled frozen yogurt today and came up with a place… decent reviews, decent prices… I’m on it.

Tangysweet in Dupont Circle was a winner.  Reasonably priced, fresh toppings, annd so yummmmmmy.  I was in heaven… even did a little dance.  I even let B have a spoonful but i don’t think he was impressed.  Either way, I’ve found what i needed and I’m sure i’ll be there often.  If you’re in DC and looking for some good frozen yogurt I suggest you give it a go: Tangy Sweet
2029 P St. NW


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