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I don’t even know what to say

Tonight was… amazing.  Went to my friend’s bar right off of U Street… sat around laffing and talking to friends… and then… the announcement came “Barak Obama named President of the United States”… the place errupted.  I sat around and took it in and then I had to get out.  I really just meant to go home, but i heard the horns over at 11th and U St… the same area that was destroyed in the 1968 riots after the assassination of MLK, Jr.  I walked a couple blocks and there were just people dancing in the streets.  Interestingly enough, most were white.

To be honest, I was torn.  On the one hand it was a beautiful sight… but really, white ppl dancing just blocks from Ben’s Chili Bowl, Bohemian Caverns and the Lincoln Theater… I really had a bunch of emotions wash over me, glad that Obama won and yet, upset that the streets weren’t filled with happy black faces…  but i guess that’s what this election has been about… unity.  I don’t mean to sound jaded by my optimism is somewhat muted by the circumstances of tonight and the election in general.

In my opinion, the Republicans ran an awful campaign and it came back to hurt them… fear, negativity, lies… it wasn’t a good look… either way, i’m glad it’s over… and i’m glad with the outcome…  I’m still a bit scared of what the future holds.

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