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When B and I finally set a date and the actual wedding planning began, I tried to stay away from the hundreds of wedding sites. While there is plenty of good info to be found, in order to get that info you need to register and subject yourself to an endless amount of spam.

It’s not enough to provide info on your wedding date and location. They want your future spouse’s name, addresses, phone numbers, etc. When I finally settled on a site the use, I was extremely hesitant about the info they wanted. I’m always curious as to what lengths these companies go thru when selling your info,so I try to give a name that will remind me who sold my info when the mail, emails, etc. start to pop up. So Jane and John Doe are getting married, and Jane has been receiving a pretty decent amount of mail. Annoying to say the least, but not the worst part.

The worst part is the panic that these websites try to work you into. EVERY.DAY. I get an email from a site that insists on telling me how many months, weeks, days there are to my wedding. It also tells me everything I should have done by now, everything i need to do before tomorrow and of course, everything I need to buy to make my wedding a success. I almost want to email them back to let them know that their tactic is uneffective on me and to please stop, but hey, Jane signed up for this, she knew what she was getting into.

At any rate, the planning is going fairly well. We all know that I don’t play well with others, and wedding planning is all about playing nice. From bridesmaids, to groomsmen, to the groom, to mothers, sisters, brothers, etc, everyone has something to say/offer, and while I appreciate the fact that they care, the truth of the matter is, it’s our day and my main goal is that we’re happy.

Two days til we leave for SF and I can’t wait!

3 Responses to “Frenzy”

  1. Great sermon and ne’er a truer word said in jest. I have all of this to look forward to in the new year as LadyG and I start to finalise our wedding plans! Already we have 4 too many people who HAVE to be at the ‘sit down’.

    The brightside is that it’s in May but already I’m looking forward to getting back off the honeymoon – any suggestions btw, no that the £ has sunk below the Euro!!!?

  2. This doesn’t mean you’re rejecting the idea of coming down the aisle to “pumps and a bump,” does it?

  3. Ha – no! Although I’m thinking more Sir Mixalot and ‘Baby got back’!

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