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Week One

So my PMBR week is pretty much over.  I’m pretty sure I learned a lot but I have truly mixed feelings about the way the course is taught.  I mean the idea is that you do the problems and then go to class to talk about why you got the answer right/wrong.  According to PMBR, that’s how you learn the most.  I’m not so sure I agree with that.

For subjects like evidence and criminal law/procedure this format was helpful, but that’s because I know something about those topics.  When I answered those questions, and even to a certain extent the torts questions, I knew what concepts they were testing.  I could say “ok this is a hearsay question, and they’re trying to see if i know about this hearsay exception.”  That didn’t always lead me to the right answer, but I was actively thinking about it, and when i heard the explanation that afternoon i could follow along and make sense of it.  For subjects like contracts and constitutional law, however, it’s completely unhelpful.  Imagine, if you will, taking a quiz on a subject you know VERY little about.  Multiple choice.  What are you going to do?   You’re gonna guess.  There’s no reasoning behind it.  You’re fucking making patterns on your answer sheet.  So when it comes time to “learn”, you’re learning the material for the first time.  Additionally, you’ve “wasted” the practice test for the most part because now you don’t have anything to go back and learn now that you know a little something about the topic.

Either way, today is the last day of PMBR.  I’m happy to learn that I’m not completely lost.  i did learn a little in law school and studying on my own.  Of course I also still have a lonnnnnggggg way to go.  Unfortunately however, BarBri starts on Tuesday and that’s when I essentially lose all freedom.  Yay?

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